Dark Roasted Rock. Served in Your Face.


Bag of Bones

Can you do me a favor
When the clock stops ticking my time
Don't call on the savior
'cause I know he'll just pass me by

Should I regret something?
I don't need to apologize
All I ever got was
broken promises and lies

I never was a man of faith
Never practiced what you preach

Don't praise my name
Don't make a sound
From the earth I came
And there I shall go
I had no fortune, I had no fame
I lost every round
Now I've left the game
Just lay my bones into the ground

Crawling from cradle to grave
Every bitter step of the way
The road was far too long
Had to watch my hopes decay

It's too late to learn forgiveness
You won't see me on my knees
My soul you don't need to bless
I will go as I've always been