Dark Roasted Rock. Served in Your Face.



You wear your spite like a crown

Hell-bent on bringing me down

Just give it to me straight

You want my head on a plate

’cause what you fear, you hate

I won’t bend, I won’t break

Like a cheap fake

You want me gone for good

but I’m not in that mood

You can give it all you got

You can give your best shot

Strike while the iron is hot

I won’t bend, I won’t break

I am the real deal, not a cheap fake

You cannot hurt me

I’ll be the last one to fall

You cannot change me

I’ll be the one who makes your neck skin crawl

I’ll always be free

Like a shadow on your wall

You can stick to your guns

but I’m bulletproof

Life is a battlefield

And I will never yield

I’m more than meets the eye and I’ll tell you why:

What does not live cannot die