Dark Roasted Rock. Served in Your Face.


Coffin to Go

I know you have been down on your luck
But let me tell you babe
Life’s too short to give a fuck
You’re a junkie for misery

in need for your daily fix

You'll get your remedy

along the route 666

You are living in a tragedy
Waiting for the final blow
No one else will set you free

You gotta let yourself go

Join me for a walk on the wild side
It’s time to break the chains

Let me take you for a ride
Feel the rush in your veins

The highway is my way
Just ride like it’s your last day
Overdrive in self-destruction mode
One for the road and a coffin to go

Forget your therapy
That’s not what you need
Don’t beg for sympathy
I’ll get you up to speed

Nothing is ever gonna hold us down

'cause we’ve got nothing to loose

Let the night be your bride

And living your excuse