Dark Roasted Rock. Served in Your Face.


For Heaven’s Sake

It's the same old situation: you're waiting for a revelation

Searching for pipe dreams when your life seems not fair

This is just another station, we don't know our destination

It could be anywhere

Or a castle in the air

This is not the road to salvation

We’re heading towards damnation

They’ve gotten under your skin
and you believe everything

You had your disease diagnosed

By father, son and the holy ghost

But your cancer has no cure

Oh yeah, that's for sure

I think it's time to wake up now

Stop acting holier than thou

Don't wait for the one who turns water into wine

Don't believe the talking snake

They'll just fill your cup with blinding moonshine

You live in a lie, for heaven's sake

Listen to the voice of reason

Your soul is never out of season

Stop praying help in vain

And go against the grain

No one will give you the right solution

You gotta start your own revolution

The law of the world, to tell you the truth
Is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth