Dark Roasted Rock. Served in Your Face.


Leap of Faith

Always on the run

down a one-way street

The reaper's ridin' shotgun

The devil's got the backseat

I gotta keep moving

Only dead men drag their feet

There's trouble brewing

I ride with hell on my heels

All I ever asked for

Was some peace of mind

The system rotten to the core

Forcing me to fly blind

I gotta stop pretending

and stay true to the real me

A happy ending, a mirage for fools to see

I have no soul to sell or save

I'll dig myself out of my grave

Fortune favors the brave

I’m ready to take the leap of faith

Though I don’t know what’s underneath

Finally I’m able to see things straight

And it feels so good to breathe

I’ve never been sorry for what I've done

I could tell you a story about a man under the gun

I just don't care how the world goes around

No one can force me, no one can tie me down