Dark Roasted Rock. Served in Your Face.


Son of a Gun

Before you leave the nest, my son

I warn you about the human race

They're hunting your kind

young minds that are still blind

'cause they're easy to erase

Stay on the right path, my son

Despite the dangers you will face

Take all in your stride

I'll always be by your side

I won't let you fall from grace

You were born to soar the skies

You’re the chosen one

A son of a gun

But don’t you fly too close to the sun

Or your days will be done

You son of a gun

Remember when my time has gone

Among kings you’re still the ace

The heads that wear a crown

Will try to hunt you down

To make you vanish without a trace

Recognize all their lies

Let the fools run

You son of a gun

Know your place

Just cut to the chase

And be second to none

You son of a gun