Dark Roasted Rock. Served in Your Face.


The Man You Used to Know

Untie the ropes and push me out to the sea

It’s my time to go

Forget your high hopes, let it be

I don’t want to know

There is no cure for my disease

I’ve got nothing to hide

Just lock the door and throw away the keys

It’s too dark inside

You can call me Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll or John Doe

But I am not the man you used to know

I can’t help myself from hurting you

Even though it’s the last thing I ever wanna do

I can’t help myself from hurting you

I don’t know anymore what is false and what is true…

How could you breathe, how could you survive

In my stranglehold

My dark demons will eat you alive

Till your heart turns cold

You can’t fix what’s beyond repair

It’s no use to try

I know I got my cross to bear

we have to say goodbye